Тест №3 6 класс Spotlight

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Control work №3

6 class "Spotlight"

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английского языка

Салина Е. В.

Date ________________________Name _____________________class_____test_____


Read the text and answer the questions.

My name is John and I'm eleven years old. My best friend is Stan and she's thirteen years old. Stan is very smart and can do a lot of things. Stan can play the drums and the electric guitar. He is very good at sports. He can play football very well and she can swim. I can't play football very well and I can't swim. Stan cooks lunch for himself and his little brother every day. I can't cook because my mum says I'm too young. There is one thing that Stan and I can't do. We can't drive a car!

  1. Who is eleven years old, Stan or John? _______________________________

  2. How old is John's best friend? ______________________________________

  3. What can Stan play? ______________________________________________

  4. What sport can't John do? __________________________________________

  5. Who cooks lunch every day?________________________________________

  6. What can't Stan and John do? _______________________________________


Fill in the correct word.

● watch ● kerb ● lights ● road ● plane ● boat ● car ● left ● handgrip ● bike

1. Can you sail a ______________________________________________________.

2. Use the _______________________________when there are no free seats on bus.

3. My little sister can't ride a_____________________________________________.

4. Don't run from the pavement onto the ____________________________________.

5. Always stop at the traffic_________________________________ when they're red.

6. Turn ________________________________________________into Milton street.

7. Stand on the pavement, near the_________________________________________.

8 That man is a pilot. He can fly a _________________________________________.

9 His sister is very young. He can't drive a __________________________________.

10. There's a car coming______________________________________________ out!


Choose the correct item.

  1. Never carry a second person ........... your bike. A by B on C in

  2. When you travel ................ a bus, don't annoy others. A on B from C at

  3. It's safe to travel ..................... train. A in B on C by

  4. It isn't dangerous to travel ...................... plane. A on B by C in

  5. Be careful when you cross the street...................... foot. A in B on C by


Underline the correct item.

Тест №3 6 класс Spotlight

You can/can't You can/can't You can/can't You can/can't You can/can't

turn left. go straight here drive here. park here drive at

30 mph.


Choose the correct response.

  1. Is there a cinema near here? С A No, you turn left.

  2. Thank you very much. _____ B Not really

  3. Do you know where the bank is?______ C Yes, there's one on the corner.

  4. Is it far? ______ D Don't mention it.

  5. Is there a cafe around here? ______ E Yes. There is a nice one on Beech Street

  6. Do I turn right at the supermarket? _____ F Yes, it's next to the sport's centre

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