Тест по английскому языку для 10-11 классов общеобразовательных школ

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1. There are _______ diagrams in this new book.

  1. some b) any c) every

2. Are there ________ newspapers on the table?

a) some b) any c) every

3. When the teacher came in, the children _____________ .

a) danced b)have been dancing c)were dancing

4. Have you spoken to her yet? Yes, but I wish I _________ .

a) hadn't b)didn't c)wouldn't

5. __________ I wouldn't buy that coat.

a) If I were you b)If I would be you c)on your place

6. Tell me ____________ .

a) where are the forks b)where the forks are c)the forks are where

7. At the interview they asked Alan __________________ .

a) could he drive b) if he could drive c)did he can drive

8. Who ___________ you to play tennis?

a) did teach b) teach c)taught

9. My father always gives me ­­­_____________________ .

a) good advices b)a good advice c)good advice

10. I ___________ English since last September.

a) will be learning b)have been learning c)am learning

11.______ deepest of all _____ lakes in the world is _____ Lake Baikal.

a) the, the, ---- b)a, a, the c)the, a, the

12. I'd like two ____________ eggs.

a) dozen b)dozens c)dozens of

13. I miss you. I wish you __________ with us.

a) stay b)staying c)stayed

14. I'm late, _______ ?

a) am not I b)aren't I c)don't I

15. The other day Dad was invited to _____ school to see the headmaster.

a) the b)a c) -----

16._______________ first hand news.

a) There are b) This is c) They are

17. Harry's room is ______________ of all the rooms but he can afford it.

a) most expensive b)expensivest c)the most expensive

18. Could you give me ______________ please?

a) a piece of advice b)an advice c)some advices

19. The weather is ___________ it was last month.

a) the better than b)the best than c) better than

20. His smile was something she ________________ before.

a) has never seen b)had never seen c)never saw

21. When we entered the room she _____________ on the sofa.

a) was laying b) lay c)is laying

22. The police ____________ to interview Fred about the accident.

a) want b)wants c)is wanting

23. Pluto is ______________ of all planets.

a) the coldest b) a coldest c)a colder

24. Do you think Americans are____________ English people?

a) nicer than b) the nicest c) nice than

25.______ Volga flows into ______ Caspian Sea.

a) a, --- b) the, the c)---, ---

26.We were told that Andrew __________ to enter that college.

a) is going b) want c) was going

27. The letter and parcel ______________ tomorrow.

a) will be post b) will have been posted c) will be posted

28. Look! The bridge ____________________.

a) is being repaired b)is been repaired c)has been repaired

29. The day before yesterday we ___________ to the restaurant by Tom.

a) are invited b) were invited c) invite

30. If I __________ early tomorrow morning, I __________ jogging.

a) will get up; am going to b) got up; will go c)get up; will go

31. If pigs had wings they ______________ .

a) will fly b)fly c)would fly

32. I ___________ at home, if you need something.

a) will be b) will being c) was

33. Mother asked the children if they ___________ some biscuits for tea.

a) have bought b) bought c) had bought

34. Why are you looking so unhappy ? - I __________ my purse.

a) have lost b) had lost c) is losing

35. Run down stairs. Your sister ________________ for you.

a) is waiting b) waits c) waited

36. My brother is very ill. He is still in ___________ now.

a) the hospital b) hospital c) a hospital

37. Her friend is in prison. She will go to ________ to visit him.

a) prison b) a prison c) the prison

38. Excuse me, where is _____ university, please?

a) the b) a c) -----

39. I am going to take a taxi. Six miles ________ too far for me to walk.

a) are b) is c) be

40.'' Please ,be quite!'' He told me _____________ .

a) be quite b) to be quite c) that be quite

41. I am not as clever as you. You are ________ I am.

a) cleverer than b) cleverer c) more clever

42. _______________ " Gone with the Wind" ? Yes, I saw it on Wednesday.

a) Did you see b) Have you seen c) Do you see

43. Mary enjoys _____________ in London.

a) to live b) living c) having living

44. The house ___________ last year.

a) built b) was built c) has built

45. Tea will be ready when you ___________ home.

a) gets b) get c) will get

46. I like him. He makes me ___________________ .

a) laughing b) to laugh c) laugh

47. I _____________ here for 5 years in November.

a) shall be b) shall have c) shall have been

48. "Where is the Hermitage?" He asked me where ___________ .

a) The Hermitage was b) is the Hermitage c) was the Hermitage

49. Would you mind ___________ me your dictionary, please?

a) give b) giving c) to give

50. I've lost my book. - When _______________ it?

a) have you lost b) had you lost c) did you lose

*Make up 5 types of questions on the basis of the given sentence:

My sister was writing a composition the whole evening yesterday.

1.General _________________________________________________________________________

2.Alternative ______________________________________________________________________


4.Special questions__________________________________________________________________

5.Questions to the subject____________________________________________________________

**Put into indirect speech:

The girl (to her friend) "Help me, please!"_____________________________________________________________________

The woman( to her son) "Did you sleep well?"__________________________________________________________________

Ann (to her brother) "Where have you put the money?"___________________________________________________________

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