Places of interest in London open lesson

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Expected result

- the task is to analyze the Text from the point of view can study.

- Pupils can discuss their work;

On the subject can Express their thoughts;

- Critically evaluate information;

In order to understand other eyes to consider issues to formulate.

- My thoughts to justify, to prove.

- Learn digital Clatterin


Colour photographs, slide shows.

Methods and techniques

Dialog learning area visual, semantic maps, identification tests

The course lessons.

3 minutes

Teacher actions

1.Welcomes students

2. Setting the psychological climate in

3.The distribution of students into groups

Student action

1.With the teacher and welcomes

2.Looking at the screen and repeats similau music through movement.

3. Color paldi to be whole, and 2 groups). Group 1 -Baiterek, group 2 -big Ben.

The period of work

A revival of interest in

2 minutes

The organizational phase

1. "Journey to London" lesson " began. Teacher-students, a flight attendant on Board passengers-Astana-London flight will go to jail. Before coming to London.

2.The slide show about London.

1. The organizational phase

1. .Rules for student groups.

2. Jobs, issued by the preparing.

3. Students get acquainted with the sights of London, interesting.

Means recognition

30 minutes

  1. 1. "New words"

  1. Read the new words several times

  2. With the rise of altitude of the aircraft with the job more complicated.The text is read via laptop, MP3.

  1. The period of wakefulness

  2. The job of the tutorial into 2 groups

  1. Tiered assignments.Work with slaboszewski students.

  1. Grammar "What"

  2. 6. "Available cell # instruction.

  3. </<font face="Times New Roman, serif">7. On the Board post pictures of the sights of London and Astana.

1.Tutorial students meet new words, repeats.

2. "Dictionary" performs dparse.

3. Work with the book. Listen to the text read connect, yourself reads, translates.

4. The period of wakefulness

5. Group I: working with Text. Question - answer.

II group:the Dialogue.

6. Two students 2 the image of the flag of the country.He stressed that the capital of what country. Distinguish colors.

7. "What" grammar mastered.

8. Fills empty cells.

9. On the Board posted castitatis to find images, identify.

Discussion 1

3 minutes

Arised in 3 languages, as training?

Students share their thoughts.


3 minutes

Various emoticons are distributed to passers-by 3.

Influenced by lessons learned through the smiley.


3 minutes

Is assessed through a scorecard.

The task of every disciple, everyone puts their estimates.


1 minute

"The sights of Aktobe" entry of appearance

Prigorodnyi secondary school

Open Lesson

" places of interest in London"

Teacher: Zhanbayeva Zhainagul Kudaiberdyevna

2015-2016 year

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