Контрольная работа по теме Tenses. Active voice для 11 класса

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Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.

Mary was excited. She held the envelope tightly with trembling hands. She 1)…… (wait) a long time for this moment. " It must be the results of the competition I 2)…… (enter) three months ago", she thought. She 3)……. (call) her mother who 4)…….( prepare) dinner in the kitchen, " Mum, can you come here for a minute, please?" Mary's mother came quickly, " What's the matter, Anna?" she asked.

" You are as white as a sheet!"

" Mum, remember the competition in the newspaper to win a holiday? Well, here are the results. I can't open the envelope. I'm too excited!" Mary shouted.

"I 5)…….(open) it for you," Mary's mother said. Mary gave her the envelope, she opened it carefully and read what it said. " Mary, you 6)…….(not win) the first prize but you have been awarded the second prize of a brand new computer!" her mother answered.

Mary was very happy. She 7)……(have) never…….. a computer before.

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.

John was bored because he 1)…….(not have) anything to do. He decided to call his friend, Sam. "Hi, Sam. It's John. What 2) …..(do) tonight?" John asked, trying to sound cheerful.

" Oh, hi, John. I was going to go for a walk by the river. Would you like to join me? I 3)…….( meet) you in about five minutes at the post office", Sam suggested.

He left home and 4)….(walk) along the pavement when suddenly he 5)…(hear) a voice scream inside the post office. He turned around and saw a thief running towards him. He reacted quickly, ran towards him and clasped his legs in a rugby tackle.

The post office manager said, " Nice work, young man. I 6)…..(call) already ….the police". At that moment Sam appeared. "Wow, John!" he cried." " This 7)……(make) a great story. Let's phone the local newspaper!"

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