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(The World of Mass Media)

I. Read the text and complete the statements after it with the appropriate variants.

American Newspapers.

When it comes to American newspapers, a lot of people outside the United States think of the International Herald Tribune which is the daily reading list of many world leaders. However, the Herald Tribune is not really an American paper. It is published in Paris and printed simultaneously in Paris, London, Zurich, Hongkong, Singapore, The Hague, Marseille and Miami as an international digest of news. Most of it is taken from its much larger parents, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Many people in America have never heard of it. And few Americans read it.

There are lots of American newspapers (daily, Sunday, weekly) published in the USA. Most of the daily ones are published rain or shine, on Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July (Independence Day). The daily newspapers in the US sell over 63 million copies a day. The Sunday papers are usually much larger than regular editions. The record for a Sunday paper is held by the New York Times. One issue on a Sun day in 1987 contained 1612 pages and weighed 12 pounds. Reading the Sunday paper is an American tradition. For some people it is an alternative to going to church. Getting through all the sections can take most of the day, leaving just enough time for the leisurely Sunday dinner.

1. The International Herald Tribune is ____.

a) not practically read outside the US.

b) not practically read by average Americans .

c) more read in Paris than in The Hague, Marseille or Miami.

2. The International Herald Tribune is ____.

a) a typical American newspaper

b) read by lots of country leaders all over the world

c) published in various world cities

3. American daily newspapers are ____

a) sold in great numbers.

b) much thicker than American newspapers published every week .

c) not published on National American holidays.

4. Some Americans have a habit of reading Sunday newspapers ____.

a) in churches dinners.

b) during their Sunday .

c) instead of going to church on Sunday.


II. Read the definitions of some English words. All the words come from the topical vocabulary (Unit Six). What are the words?

1. A newspaper or magazine that is published once a week - a ____.

2. An article giving your opinion of a book, play, art exhibition etc. - a ____.

3. A series of drawings in a magazine or newspaper that tell a funny story - a ____.

4. A newspaper with fairly small pages mostly containing stories about famous people and not much serious news - a ___.

5. A television or radio series about the imaginary of a group of people - a ___.

6. Someone whose job is to be in charge of a newspaper or magazine - an ____.

7. Someone who reads the news in the news programme - a ___.

8. A journalist who is not permanently employed by a particular company but sells their services to more than one company - a ___.

9. Political, social and economic events that are happening now and are discussed in news programmes and newspapers - ____.

10. An advertisement on television or radio -a _____.

11. The title of a newspaper story that is printed in large letters - a ____ .

12. A shop selling newspapers and magazines - a ____.

III. Complete the phrasal verbs in the sentences with the appropriate function words from the box.

in off on out

1. The soldiers somehow managed to hold ___ the enemy's attack. 2. The child held his hand ___ and I put a coin into it. 3. Hold ___ a minute, I'll just get a pen. 4. Do you think they will be able to hold ___ making their decision until Monday? 5. It was slippery, so I had to hold ___ to the branches of the tree not to fall down. 6. It was not easy to hold ___ my anger but I did 7. Hold ___ to the seat in front when it we go round the corner. 8. The girl was trying desperately to hold ___ her tears. 9. Hold ___! You forgot your bag! 10. I held ___ my cup to be refilled.

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